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By enrolling in our portfolio development course, you could save time and tuition

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EL 203: Portfolio Development is an excellent way to earn college credit for your eligible learning outside of the traditional classroom. Through this portfolio development course, students discover how to document their learning from prior experiences and build a portfolio. This process helps them articulate and organize learning that has not already been awarded college-level credit. To find out more about this process and determine if this course is right for you, please review the documents below.
EL 203: Portfolio Development attracts a wide array of adult learners from a variety of diverse backgrounds. The below testimonials were provided by actual students who completed the course. As described in their testimonials, the benefit of completing EL 203 exceeds time and money savings by helping students discover more about themselves through reflections on their prior learning activities.
Each completed portfolio is as unique as the student who submits it. Aligned with its comprehensive nature, many portfolios exceed 50 pages in length and include a combination of student reflections, supporting documentation, and credit requests.

Below are five brief examples of the type of information included in a student portfolio. Please note that these documents provide overviews of program-specific portfolios and do not represent entire student portfolios.